Employee Connections – We’re hearing great things!

May 15, 2024

What are Employee Connections?

Employee Connections are 10 - 15 minute interviews with new employees to survey their onboarding experience and experience with Baylor overall.  Starting in February 2024, HR began reaching out to new staff hires to ask if they would be willing to answer 5 - 6 questions about their experience. The interview includes questions such as:  how the employee would rate their overall experience at Baylor, how they would evaluate the quality of the training and resources provided to them, and the level of support they have for a healthy work-life balance.  We ask for a numerical score from 1 – 5 and to provide perspective for the score they chose, so we can measure overall metrics and identify areas of strengths and opportunities for growth.  HR will use this information to measure overall metrics and the Baylor onboarding performance from the new employee’s perspective.


An employee’s participation is voluntary and their responses are confidential – however, the individuals who gave these responses below were willing for this information to be shared in an HR publication!


Here are some of the things we’ve heard from our newly hired employees through Employee Connections, when asked about their onboarding experience and how they’ve experienced Baylor:


“Everybody has been so nice, the materials are very clear, as a former educator I’ve developed a lot of training materials, but the things Baylor put me through are well-paced and accessible.  I really value the overarching attitude that our success hinges on every single one of us being successful.”


“We have staff meetings once a month, it’s super helpful to interact with other staff members and learn what we don’t know outside our department.  It’s like breathing space, it brings me so much joy when we do those, it gives you a pause with everything.”


“I really appreciated the fact that there was excellent, well-planned approach to onboarding me to my role and my (work) and how the department works, but there was also a level of external onboarding.  It’s like a primer of best practices, I could attend a live session but then I was able to plug in as a new employee with weekly virtual sessions to help me be familiar with the academic setting.”


“You have a schedule and want to fulfill that schedule but if things come up that are family related, there’s a lot of flexibility there.”


There are powerful principles at work here.  When an employee steps into their new role and is provided with a structured onboarding process, supported when it comes to family needs, and has regular opportunities to interact with others outside their direct unit or department, that has a significant positive impact on their experience at Baylor.  As a supervisor at Baylor, you have the position and opportunity to create this kind of impact for all your employees!  In future articles, we hope to share general leadership themes, takeaways, and tips based on the feedback we receive in these interviews.  Thank you for choosing to work and lead at Baylor!