May BaylorPLUS Salute Nominees

June 6, 2024

Below are Baylor employees and teams who have been nominated for their "above and beyond" service in the month of May for the BaylorPLUS Salute! Please use the following forms to nominate an individual faculty or staff member or Baylor team today!

Individual Recognition Form

Team Recognition Form


Individual BaylorPLUS Recognition

Lois Avey

Department: English

"Lois always does a fantastic job helping the English department. This spring she was especially helpful with the Beall Poetry Festival, as a number of factors required us to change plans and reservations. She handled everything with expertise and care!"

Rachel Bates

Department: Armstrong Browning Library

"Rachel does an amazing job organizing all the events at the ABL. She anticipates concerns, asks the right questions, and offers flexibility when plans change."

Whitney Cortner

Department: Nursing

"Whitney goes out of her way literally to help others out. I recently had an injury and Whitney has repeatedly helped me out during this time. She even walked across campus to bring me a package. She is always this caring and thoughtful and deserves a Baylor Salute!"

James Faulk

Department: Office of the Vice Provost for Research 

"Mr. James Faulk is very knowledgeable for matters I've asked; providing correct information and answers. He is very accessible on times I needed help. After each of the meetings with him, my questions were clearly answered, and all issues were resolved. I would like to express my gratitude to him. He is a blessing to Baylor."

James Finley

Department: ITS Information Systems and Services - Information Technology Services

"James provided the screenshots for the new Faculty Search guide and was a HUGE help in getting it out on time. He was always pleasant to work with and we received compliments from other departments on how great the screenshots are and how they help in a complicated process. I greatly appreciate knowing that James is willing to lend a hand and doesn't get ruffled when changes come."

Andrea Hendricks 

Department: Financial Services

"Andrea has provided quick and professional responses and production of content in our center's switch to Marketplace. In an environment where time is critical, Andrea was the one person we knew we could count on to be on top of things. She has been a great go-to bringing our registration process to the next level."

Meg Hoefer

Department: School of Education

"Meg has demonstrated grace, flexibility, and helpfulness as we try to make improvements to our processes--often volunteering to help test new practices and ideas. I'm very grateful for her collaboration!"

Kelly Little 

Department: Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences 

"Our office would not work without Kelly and her commitment to Baylor and to Robbins College. She is hardworking and goes above and beyond to serve our students and our advisors. She recently dedicated her time and efforts to our first "Pups and Pops" retention event for Robbins College and it was a huge success! Bravo!"

Lindsey Morris

Department: Library and Academic Technology Services 

“I would like to nominate Lindsey Morris for going "above and beyond" ALL SEMESTER LONG to help three of our faculty reimagine and redesign several courses in Canvas. She is patient, positive, flexible and solution-oriented. She cares about course accessibility and she gave our team the space to do design our course(s) the way we wanted."

Casey Pittman 

Department: Institutional Technology 

"Casey always provides excellent help and resources for the Beall Poetry Festival. I am especially grateful for his patience to teach me every year how to use the technology in Bennett."

Jennifer Schumann

Department: ITS Telecommunications

"Jennifer does a great job as a boss and also as a person. She doesn't look down on others under her she is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. She makes Baylor a better place to work."

Sam Smith

Department: Law

“Sam is responsible for planning events and activities to celebrate diversity throughout the year. She does an outstanding job bringing in speakers, having lunchtime trivia events, and just generally increasing awareness in our school. But Sam does so much more. She cares for our students and shows empathy, compassion, and support. Sam is a treasure and we are lucky to have her."