Summer Reminders from Student Employment

May 23, 2024

With over 700 bi-weekly student employees graduating this month, we are getting ready to make room for incoming student employees this fall! Check out these summer reminders that will set you up for success in your student employment hiring. 

Student Employment will begin closing out May 2023 - May 2024 Job Requisitions in June! ​

Managers are expected to submit new job requisitions each academic year, per Department of Education compliance. 

Any jobs submitted for Summer 2023 – Spring 2024 hiring will be closed by Student Employment Staff in June. ​ 

Start Fall Hiring Now – Don’t Wait!

We will be hiring hundreds of student employees in August. Go ahead and submit your job requisitions now and try to hire early!

  • Hiring forms for Fall 2024 can be completed at any time. Please allow a 2-week processing time from the requested start date. ​
  • Submit Rehire Form Requests in Ignite prior to start date.​
  • If rehiring more than 3 student workers, submit the Mass Rehire/Change/Separation Form.​

Common Questions for Hiring Managers 

Before Submitting Requests for Student Workers: ​Please ensure that you have Chair/Department Head approval AND University Research Administrator (if Grant funded) or Business Officer review.​

Before terminating a student worker (involuntary), you must contact your HRC first! ​

For confirmation of your students' employment status and approval to work ahead of their start date, you can run the Future Student Assignment Report in Ignite.​

  • Ignite Pathway: Tools >> HCM Management Data Portal >> Future Student Assignment ​

Collaborate With Us! 

Want to participate in our HUGE HIRING EVENT in August? Reserve your spot today!

Check out our important deadlines for Student Employment and join our Student Employment 101 Teams Channel for updates/reminders! 

Any and all student employment questions can be sent to for assistance from the Student Employment Team!