August BaylorPLUS Salute Nominees

September 1, 2023

Below are Baylor employees and teams who have been nominated for their "above and beyond" service in the month of August for the BaylorPLUS Salute! Please use the following forms to nominate an individual faculty or staff member or Baylor team today!

Individual Recognition Form

Team Recognition Form

Team BaylorPLUS Recognition

Nichole Bekken, JD Dethrow, Lauren Howell, Daniel Umber
Team: Construction Services Team
"Kudos to all four members of the Construction Services team for their hard work and dedication in supporting the Baylor mission."

Neonel Rodriguez, David Taylor
Team: Instructional Technology Team
"Consistently responsive to inquiries, helpful in troubleshooting issues, and they explain the context behind structures and processes."

Lauren da Silva, Steven Fernandez, Ricardo Garza, Angela Meyer, Sara Ray, Madeline Whitmore
Team: Paul L. Foster Success Center Team
"Through many obstacles, the SOAR department had many accomplishments."

Individual BaylorPLUS Recognition

Jeff Brown
Department: Marketing and Communications
"By giving of his time and knowledge, Jeff showed himself to be a team player beyond his own division at Baylor."

Elizabeth Calverley
Department: Louise Herrington School of Nursing
"Elizabeth’s willingness to go the extra mile reflects not only her competence and professionalism but also a genuine care for the wellbeing and success of those she serves."

Andy Clark
Department: Library and Academic Technology Services
"He was instrumental in achieving a significant project milestone."

Chelsea Derry
Department: Hankamer School of Business Graduate Office
"Chelsea is both dedicated to graduate programs and innovation in her approach to creating change."

Dakota Farquhar-Caddell
Department: Student Activities
"He has worked tirelessly to manage and care for our two newest mascots, Indy and Belle."

Debi Ganske
Department: Psychology and Neuroscience
“She is kind and generous with her time and energy, and works behind the scenes with our faculty to help our students succeed.”

“She has such a positive impact on this department, and is deserving of recognition for the incredible work she does.”

“She juggles an exceptionally diverse workload and makes it look easy.”

Jeremiah Holubec
Department: ITS-Client Services
"He was so kind and patient!"

Brenda Khozein
Department: Office of the Registrar
"Brenda has a heart for service and it shows in her interactions with students."

David Taylor
Department: Library and Academic Technology Services
“His coordination and guidance in a project were pivotal in overcoming obstacles and achieving a significant milestone for our department – exemplifying the Baylor spirit of excellence.”