Free Retirement Planning Resource - CAPTRUST

November 27, 2023

CAPTRUST Financial Advisors is the independent advisory firm that works with the Baylor Retirement Plan at no cost to you.  This free resource gives you the opportunity to meet with an advisor individually for general retirement and financial planning advice, investment education and advice, and a Retirement Blueprint®.  Read this testimonial below from Endalk Tulu, current Baylor staff member, to learn about his experience using CAPTRUST.

"I went into the meeting with a few questions. The CAPTRUST advisor listened to my questions patiently, provided satisfactorily answers and retirement blueprint.  I think it is good to have this service as we can go to them when we have questions, which are many for me, about retirement knowing that they are not there to sell product or service, but provide expert advice which is in your best interest. This gives me peace of mind and confidence in the advice I receive and in my plan.  It means Baylor University cares about not only my current financial wellbeing, but also in my retirement.  It is a privilege and blessing to work for an institution that truly cares about its employees."

- Endalk Tulu, Louise Herrington School of Nursing