Manager Toolkits and Guides

November 28, 2023

To help make managing and leading your team easier, HR provides numerous toolkits and guides. All are available at this webpage.  Topics include: employee development, recruiting, performance management, compensation, and employee transition and exit.

Some of the more popular tools include:

Feedback Tracking Document. This spreadsheet helps you collect and track feedback received about your employees and the feedback provided to them. It helps ensure you are regularly providing feedback, track performance trends, and put all the information in one place for when you are doing the annual performance reviews.

Individual Development Plan – Template. This helps you and your direct report(s) think through and plan out learning and development needs by identifying the knowledge or skills to be developed and creating an action plan.

Staff Recruiting Process Map. Provides a quick visual of the steps involved in recruiting and hiring new staff and explains which steps are done by the department and which are done by Human Resources.

Tips for Successful One-on-Ones and One-on-One Agenda Template. Together, these help you and your direct reports have productive and effective one-on-one meetings.

Updating and Maintaining Job Descriptions. It’s a good practice to periodically review job descriptions and update as needed. This explains how.