November BaylorPLUS Salutes

December 8, 2023

Below are Baylor employees and teams who have been nominated for their "above and beyond" service in the month of November for the BaylorPLUS Salute! Please use the following forms to nominate an individual faculty or staff member or Baylor team today!

Individual Recognition Form

Team Recognition Form

Team BaylorPLUS Recognition

Karen Anne Caldwell, Tiffany Davis, Kathy Gorgas, Adam Mechell, Christelle Olenga, Karla Smith, Kristi Umberger
Team/Department: Payment Services
“I’m impressed with this small team’s immense output and contribution to Baylor.”

Liz Ardolino, Anne Boddy
Team/Department: Neuromuscular Practice Team
“The exceptional dedication of Dr. Ardolino and Dr. Boddy exemplify the care and concern for students, staff, and faculty that is inherent in Baylor’s Christian identity.”

David Burns, Molly Caldera, Nathaly Gal, Abigail Gamble, Yue Ma, Lindsey Morris, Emily Schaedle, Chris Woods, Chris Zakrzewski
Team/Department: Learning Design Team
“This team did an excellent job on the 2023-2024 mandatory online training and how it applies to our daily lives in personal and professional ways.”

Jessica Alford, Ashleigh Bailey, April Benson, Kerri Bond, Kim Cowart, Ben Cox, Jerri Cunningham, John Cunningham, Suzy Daniel, Sheila Dooley, Dina Florian, Nancy Floyd, Scott Huggins, Michelle Johnson, Dawn Khoury, Hannah King, Micah Lamb, Lesa Lawson, Margaret Lemon, Lauren Muhl, Alana Schaeper, Chris Rios, Kyle Yates, Melody Zuniga
Team/Department: CIM Implementation Team
“CIM was able to centralize Baylor’s multiple curriculum procedures and simplified the approval and workflow processes.”

Jessica Alford, Ashleigh Bailey, April Benson, Tamra Burkhart, Hannah Dysinger, Michelle Galvan, Elida Garza, Casey Glover, Sandra Groves, Carol Hanes, Ellen Huffman, Sydney Ireland, Dawn Khoury, Hannah King, Brenda Khozein, Seren Lind, Ryan Michalak, Siena Morgan, Grace Ouellette, Cindy Palmer, Debbi Parker, Braxton Ray, Lauren Williamson, Kyle Yates
Team/Department: Office of the Registrar
“I am incredibly proud of this team and their tireless hard work that benefits all our faculty, staff, and students!”


Individual BaylorPLUS Recognition

Karen Beck
Department: Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences
“She is always willing to assist a student or colleague in need.”

Kevin Davis
Department: Center for Academic Success and Engagement
“His advocacy and support is unmatched.”

Bobbie Doyle
Department: Business Process and System Optimization
“She is a stellar employee.”

Alison Neubert
Department: Academic Affairs
“Her attention to details, hospitality, and care of each nominee was outstanding.”

Enid Watkins Holleyman
Department: Office of the Provost
“She is the MOST pleasant and appreciative campus partner that I’ve had the pleasure to serve with.”

Keith Wickliffe
Department: Nursing Student Services
“Keith was recognized by several students for his work in building LHSON a community and helping students feel a part of Baylor University.”