The Benefits of Walking Meetings

April 19, 2024

Walking meetings are a growing trend, replacing a traditional sitting meeting in a coffee shop or boardroom with a little exercise. The benefits are plentiful: research has found that walking leads to increases in creative thinking, and anecdotal evidence suggests that walking meetings spur more productive, honest conversations. Here are some tips to help your next walking meeting go well:

  • Include an “extracurricular” destination. Passing a point of interest provides more rationale and incentive for the walk. This can be a great way to experience the Baylor Campus. Whether it’s the Bear trail, the SLC indoor track, or walking around the McLane Stadium.
  • Stick to small groups. Walking meetings work best with two or three people. Team meetings where employees can partner up and provide updates can be a great way to promote collaboration. 
  • Don’t surprise colleagues or clients with walking meetings. Notify people in advance so they can dress appropriately.
  • Have fun! Enjoy the fresh air — research has also found that people who use walking meetings report being more satisfied at work.

Source: Adapted from Get the Full Benefits of Walking Meetings (