December 2023 & January 2024 BaylorPLUS Salutes

February 5, 2024

Below are Baylor employees and teams who have been nominated for their "above and beyond" service in the months of December 2023 and January 2024 for the BaylorPLUS Salute! Please use the following forms to nominate an individual faculty or staff member or Baylor team today!

Individual Recognition Form

Team Recognition Form

Team BaylorPLUS Recognition


Ed Nelson, Nick Teixeira
Team/Department: Baylor Law School Marketing team
“Amidst a busy season for Baylor Law, Ed and Nick completed the Drupal website conversion successfully.”



Jeff Bowles, Jeff Brown, Susan Evans, J. Fagner, Andrew Maddox, Randy Woodruff
Team/Department: Digital Marketing
“I always end up leaving our conversations feeling both motivated and excited about what we are doing.”


Individual BaylorPLUS Recognition


Alex Curry
Department: ITS Information Systems and Services
“Her responses to new tasks has been a willing yes, even when she'll need to do some research and learning to complete the task.”

Zachary Gamez
Department: School of Music Dean and Administrative
“Zach has done tremendous things to help the School of Music spaces look their best so everyone feels pride walking through the music buildings.”

Courtney Haworth
Department: Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty
“Baylor and the communities it impacts have no doubt been made better by Courtney's work and her commitment to her colleagues.”

Davis Hodge
Department: Human Resources
“So grateful to work with him, and what an amazing employee he is for HR!”



Kerri Bond
Department: Institutional Effectiveness
“She is a tremendous help to our team and students, and we could not get our students cleared for their fieldwork without her!”

Nathaly Gal
Department: Library and Academic Technology Services
“Nathaly is prompt with helping, answering questions, following through, and guiding without being overbearing.”

"She is hardworking, going above and beyond to provide the support."

"Nathaly went out of her way to find additional resources for my courses and made many suggestions to enhance every aspect of my courses."

"Her organization and communication made the course design process so smooth, and she is a joy to work with - she truly goes above and beyond!"

Eric Hooley
Department: Graduate School
“He's kept up with the many tasks, many data points, and put in the extra time and effort to get data moved over, applications set up, and trained staff in Slate.”

Amber Rodriguez
Department: Business Process and System Optimization
“She is always here to provide the guidance needed for payroll.”

Eric Yarbrough
Department: Marketing and Communication
“Eric has stopped on multiple occasions on the way to or from his daily walks to pick up trash in front of the Foster Pavilion, helping preserve a clean and welcoming environment for visitors.”

Esther Zhao
Department: Undergraduate Admissions
“Her dedication and innovation are invaluable for Baylor's global outreach and development.”