Student Employment Summer Hiring

April 19, 2024

The information below is regarding Student Employment and does not impact any hiring for Graduate Assistants. 

Important Notices & Dates 

  • Graduating students will not be eligible to work past May 11. Please consult with your Business Officer if you are needing to hire a graduating student as a staff employee past their graduation date. 

  • Graduating students are automatically inactivated and do not require separation requests to be submitted by the line manager.  

  • Hiring forms for summer can be completed at any time. Please allow a 2-week processing time from the requested start date.  

  • Undergraduate students are eligible to work 40 hours per week if they are not enrolled in summer courses and can continue at 40 hours per week until the first day of Fall Semester.  

  • Graduate students must get approval from their Graduate Program Coordinator and the Grad School to work more than 29 hours during the summer.  

  • Students will be subject to FICA taxes during the summer.  

  • FWS Funds are not available during the Summer. FWS Funds are available again on Monday, August 19th.  

  • View other important dates here.  

Action Items Due 

  • Log into Ignite and confirm the assignments of each student worker in your area BEFORE submitting report to HR. 

  • Ignite pathway for this report: Tools > HCM Management Data Portal > Current Student Assignment 

  • If your student workers will not be working for you this summer, please submit a Separation Request. You may submit Rehire Requisition Requests for the Fall at any point. The benefits of this process are included below! 

    • Ensures the job does not impede the student’s ability to obtain summer employment in another area on campus.  

    • Ensures students are not logging time on the wrong assignment. 

    • Eliminates the need for supervisors to be assigned timecard approvals when the student is not actively working in your area. 

  • Submit Rehire Form Requests in Ignite prior to start date. 

  • If rehiring more than 3 student workers, submit the mass rehire/change/separation form

  • Additional processing time is needed if background check is required. 

  • Student Employment will begin closing out May 2023 - May 2024 Job Requisitions after graduation.  

  • Managers are expected to submit new job requisitions each academic year. 

  • Any jobs submitted for Summer 2023 – Spring 2024 hiring will be closed by Student Employment Staff. ​ 

  • Please ensure you have your existing job requisition numbers available  when submitting new Rehire Form Requests – this will help expedite the process!  

Need Help? 

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to your embedded expert or email


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